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Kochs/Kennedys Suing Cape Wind Again to Require Imported, Instead of Power Produced in their Own State

January 23, 2014

Just when it looks like Cape Wind is ready to go, the Kochs and the Kennedys sue them again.  Now, they are suing Cape Wind because they don’t want Massachusetts producing its own renewable power.  The Kochs and the Kennedys are suing because they think the higher priced contract for Cape Wind’s power should be set aside and the state should import power instead from out of state sources.

Won’t the boys at the Clean Lines love that.

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  1. January 24, 2014 7:32 am

    Can you get there from here?

    MISO through PJM, through NYISO, and into New England ISO.

    I think a few years ago NEISO was asked to make a report about New England’s capabilities to generate renewable energy. Most of the report was onshore is I remember correctly. It ended with a brief appendix about Midwest renewables.

    John Kerry also gave a lecture during his Senate nomination hearing for Secretary of state about how he believes energy for Minnesota should reach Massachusetts. It was an interesting dance between Kerry and the Senator from Wyoming.

    Really I don’t understand why environmental injustice like this should be given consideration. It appears to me New England would much much happier if all generation was produced elsewhere.

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