Dr. Megavar Explains It All

George Loehr is an electrical engineer with 45 years of experience in the transmission industry.  He was also an extremely effective expert witness in the PA PUC case that got most of the TrAIL line stopped in PA.

I Googled Mr. Loehr this morning, and the first item that turned up was this very enlightening and funny “interview” Mr. Loehr has with a fictional character, Dr. Megavar. VAR is an electrical engineering term for reactive power that is not able to power anything, but is necessary to maintain voltage stability in the transmission system.

The “interview” is worth a read, because Mr. Loehr does an excellent job of explaining why a bigger transmission system with bigger power lines is actually less stable and reliable than smaller more independent networks.  Dr. Megavar also provides a number practical solutions to the problems the power companies are complaining about in the PATH PSC application.