AEP/Allegheny Land Hustle: Barney Meets Jim Cramer

We have received a report about PATH land acquisition from property owners who have been approached by AEP/Allegheny in the Eastern Panhandle.  They claimed that the AEP/Allegheny land agents are handing out a DVD called “The PATH Is Your Friend” and a brochure called “The PATH To Financial Freedom.”

It sounds unbelievable, but are the power companies really pursuing a land purchase marketing strategy that is a combination of Barney the purple dinosaur and Jim Cramer the screaming TV stock hustler?

Do those folks up in PA and OH think West Virginians are that stupid?  Apparently they do.

As a land owner, your property is yours to do with as you wish.  If any people come to you claiming they represent AEP, Allegheny Energy or one of their PATH front companies, tell them you will be happy willing to discuss the PATH power line some time after June 2010 February 2011 May 2011 July 2011 February 2012, only if the WV PSC grants them a Certificate of Convenience and Necessity.