Pictures of Secret Meeting – Empty Room, A Few Suits

While the power company front group had nothing on their Web site about their “news conference” before the secret meeting, they now have a story about it after the meeting.

Here is a link to the story on their Web site. Take a good look at the pictures of what appears to be an empty room in an unidentified location, probably somewhere in Charleston, maybe in the State Capitol. (Note: They took the pictures down.  Somebody at West Virginians for Reliable Power, er, Energy must be reading The Power Line and saw how stupid their photos looked.)

The only people at the “news conference” appear to have been coal company and power company representatives and the quoted labor leaders.  There also appear to be some TV cameras there as well.

It looks like the only thing that West Virginians for Reliable [???] Power can do is hold pre-scripted media events and dog-and-pony shows.

What are they afraid of?  Why don’t they want to answer questions about PATH?