Putnam County Secret Meeting Today, June 1

The public has just learned about another secret power company meeting described as a “forum.”  How can a forum be announced to the public at the last minute and held behind closed doors?

Here are the first two definitions for the word “forum” provided in the Merriam Webster Online Dictionary: 1 a : the marketplace or public place of an ancient Roman city forming the center of judicial and public business b : a public meeting place for open discussion

So this secret meeting in Putnam County for business groups at a country club is anything but a forum.  This was a super-secret meeting because members of the public actually called the Putnam County Chamber of Commerce and were told that there was no meeting planned.

Guess who is putting it on?  Yup, the Reliable (?) Power Guys.  Power company men Mr. Robinson and Mr. Bayless will be there.  I guess Ms. Eisenhower read the Industrial Physicist article that was recommended to her in Martinsburg and decided not to show up for another propaganda fest for the select audience.  I guess the Reliable (?) Power guys also decided not to bring in the Enron cultural anthropologist again.

Once again I ask the question:  If the Reliable (?) Power public relations guys from Charles Ryan Associates and FACES of Coal (Bryan Brown) are so interested in educating the public, why do they hold secret meetings announced at the last minute behind closed doors?

Want to find out who the Reliable (?) Power guys are?  Go here for the facts.