Project Mountaineer, the Early Years

I was doing some Internet browsing on PATH the other day and found this document titled “Promoting Regional Transmission Planning and Expansion to Facilitate Fuel Diversity Including Expanded Uses of Coal-Fired Resources”.

This was testimony given to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission in 2005 by Karl Pffirmann, who was at that time president of the western region of PJM Interconnection.  Mr. Pffirmann’s testimony is the clearest presentation of PJM’s plans for PATH that exists on record.

Anyone who wants to really understand why PJM Interconnection is pushing PATH should read this document.  Here is the link.

As Mr. Pffirmann clearly states, PATH has never been about “reliability,” it has been about “removing impediments to west to east trade” in coal-fired power, power produced mainly by AEP.

In his FERC testimony, Mr. Pffirman brags that PJM is just the entity to develop these toxic coal-promoting power lines because only PJM has an “open stakeholder process” and “transparency”.  At the same time, in 2005, PJM upper management was actively suppressing critical reports by its Market Monitor. As a result of this scandal, PJM’s CEO was forced to resign.  Oops.