WV PSC Case Recedes Into the Future

The WV PSC issued an order today accepting AEP/Allegheny’s request to delay the PATH case yet again.  The most recent delay pushes the PATH case schedule back another 2 1/2 months with a final decision deadline of July 28, 2011.

The PSC accepted power company fact free speculation about the non-existent East Virginia case and the just starting MD case.  The PSC and the power companies have apparently given up all pretense of keeping the cases in the three states proceeding at approximately the same time.

Although there is no legal basis for the PSC to stop the current case, the WV PSC failed even to request that the power companies allow suspension the case until clear case schedules have been established in East Virginia and Maryland, as requested by a number of citizen intervenors.  From the text of the PSC order, it does not appear that the Commissioners even read pleadings filed by the “little people” in the case.

To see the complete revised case schedule click here or click on the link above to go to the order.