More Fun in Frederick

Allegheny Energy’s blunders continue to pile up in Frederick, MD.  AEP/Allegheny held their “public meetings” on the PATH line in 2008 when hardly anyone knew about the project.  The power companies did no publicity, and attendance was predictably sparse.  But they could claim that the public was served.

Apparently, the Louis Berger Group, which claims to be “supporting the public involvement process” for the PATH line, gave Allegheny some bad advice on last night’s public meeting.  Or was Allegheny deliberately stirring the hornet’s nest to provoke a confrontation with opponents of the Kemptown substation?

In any event, Allegheny Energy and Charles Ryan Associates made the mistake of holding a “public information meeting” about the substation near Frederick last night.  Hundreds of hostile citizens showed up and showed clearly that they already had plenty of information.

Those lovable, pesky citizens made things very exciting.  Here is an account of the evening’s festivities by StopPATHWV.

StopPATH’s president, Roger Eitelman, elicited some real news about PJM’s plans for the substation.  Here’s the story from the StopPATH Web site:

StopPATH WV President Roger Eitelman spent some time in a discussion with the representative of PJM who was present.  He actually had a last name and a business card!  He also admitted to Eitelman that PJM has plans to add another 765kV transmission line plus two more 500kV lines exiting the Mt. Airy substation.

Allegheny’s “Kemptown” substation is actually in Mt. Airy, MD, so local residents use the proposed industrial site’s actual location to describe it.

So there you have it.  If Allegheny builds its new substation at the end of the PATH line, PJM is already planning to add two 500 kV lines and another 765 kV line to connect with high profit markets in Philadelphia, New Jersey and New York.  This is the first time PJM has publicly admitted to this phase of Project Mountaineer.

Of course, if you are a regular Power Line reader, you already know that PJM has in mind for the future.  You have read about it here.

If you live in the EP or the Frederick area, be sure to inform the Frederick County Board of Zoning Appeals of PJM’s plans, so they can include them in their discussion of Allegheny’s zoning waiver for the substation at Mt. Airy.  I’m sure they will be interested to learn that within a few years, Allegheny will be back trying to seize more land from homeowners in the area.  I’m sure that is included in the County Development Plan.