Power Companies Fighting to Keep Citizens Out of PSC Case Again; Attorney Calls Petitioner a Liar

A couple of weeks ago, Paul Fuchs of Tucker County filed a petition to intervene as a result of the re-routing of the PATH projected route and the re-opening of intervention as a result of that change.

AEP/Allegheny’s attorney is claiming that Mr. Fuchs is “unqualified” to intervene.  AEP/Allegheny’s contempt for West Virginians is only matched by their greed for West Virginia consumers’ money.

The basis for Mr. Melick’s claim is that “based on his mailing address” at St. George, Mr. Fuch’s must own land outside the ten mile wide “study area” for the modified PATH route.  Here is the first sentence of Mr. Fuch’s petition to intervene:

As a concerned landowner with property within with the 10 mile boundary of the proposed PATH transmission line…

In other words, simply on the basis of a mailing address, Mr. Melick is calling Mr. Fuchs a liar.  Mr. Melick, is it possible for a person to live at one mailing address, yet own property in another location?  Mr. Melick, is it possible that a rural West Virginian may get mail from a post office many miles away as a result of the vagaries of mail routes?

Shame on you, Mr. Melick.  You should be more certain of your allegations before you question another man’s integrity.  “Based upon his mailing address” simply isn’t good enough.

AEP/Allegheny’s Jackson Kelly attorney arrogantly states that if the PSC does allow Mr. Fuchs to intervene, he should be forced to join the Tucker County Intervenors’ Group.  This group was voluntarily formed by a group of intervenors who have hired their own attorney.

Under West Virginia law, Mr. Fuchs has the right to choose his own attorney, or represent himself as he pleases in this case.  The PSC has no authority to determine how Mr. Fuchs decides to represent himself in this case, nor does the PSC have the right to force Mr. Fuchs to pay anyone else to represent him.  It is astounding that an attorney licensed to practice law in our state would even make such a suggestion.