Baltimore Sun Clueless Blogger Now Major PATH Cheerleader

He’s at it again.  Baltimore Sun clueless blogger Jay Hancock once again demonstrates his keen grasp of power company propaganda.

Mr. Hancock posted a story on his blog about the spat between Constellation Energy and French government power company EDF over Constellation’s pulling out of the third nuclear reactor at its Calvert Cliffs, MD power station.

At the end of his story, Mr. Hancock opines:

The end of the Calvert Cliffs project makes it even more crucial to approve the PATH and TRAIL transmission lines from the west.

Oh, Mr. Hancock, the TrAIL (yes, that’s how it’s properly written) was approved in East Virginia and West Virginia two years ago.  It is currently under construction.

I’m also sure it’s news to Mr. Hancock that all the regulatory delays in “approval” have come from AEP and Allegheny Energy, because they can’t even prove to themselves that PATH is needed.  Allegheny’s highly paid lawyers couldn’t even figure out how to prepare a legal application to the MD PSC.

And no, you can see here and here that the so-called “problems” you think will happen won’t be solved by PATH and can be solved much more effectively in other ways.  Your research skills don’t seem to extend much beyond power company press releases, so I thought you might like some help.

Mr. Hancock’s disingenuous “green” argument for nuclear power is getting a little old and stale.  He doesn’t seem to trust the free market to make good decisions.  No wonder he likes PATH.

Mr. Hancock could learn a lot by reading Mathew Wald’s recent article in the New York Times about the Calvert Cliffs reactor.  Mr. Wald still doesn’t understand that the decline in power demand is now a long term structural fact, but he provides a thorough account of why the Constellation-EDF deal fell apart.