Morgan and Berkeley Counties Get Ready, PATH May Be Coming Your Way

I was just reading the Loudoun (East Virginia) Times’ account of the SCC legal staff’s objections to the PATH application in East Virginia.  In my post about the same story, I did not include an important point raised by SCC lawyers.

Here is how the Loudoun Times described it:

The SCC also ruled [in its order in Jan. 2010] that in the refiling, the power companies would need to show all of the routes that were originally considered for PATH, many of which did not touch Virginia;…

East Virginia has the shortest section of PATH and does not include any substations.  The SCC clearly wants to keep open the option of forcing AEP/Allegheny to use an alternate route for PATH that avoids East Virginia altogether.

Such alternative routes do exist, and mainly pass through Morgan and/or Berkeley Counties in West Virginia.  Such an alternate route would remove those rowdy hillbillies in Jefferson County from the PATH equation.  AEP/Allegheny would love to get rid of them and run right over their sleeping neighbors to the north.

Citizens and officials in Morgan and Berkeley Counties have been totally silent about PATH.  You all better start paying attention.  You could wake up one fine morning in a year or two and find the PATH line routed right through your living room.  That is the way transmission line projects work.  Everything can change in the blink of an eye.  And you are not ready.

If you live in Morgan or Berkeley County, you had better start talking to your educated and experienced neighbors in Jefferson County.  They can teach you a lot.