East Coast Offshore Wind Backbone Will Be a Reality

This is exactly the kind of transmission project the East Coast needs.  Here is the link to today’s lead article on the New York Times Web site.

A group of private investors is planning a $5 billion underwater backbone line from New Jersey to Virginia, designed to tie together offshore wind farms off the Mid Atlantic states and bring the power to population centers.

These are exactly the states that PATH would “serve”.  The ground is shifting out from under the PATH project.

I have been advocating this project since I started The Power Line.  One thing is clear, PATH and the offshore backbone can’t both be built.

All of the power companies’ reasoning behind the TrAIL line, which is being built now, would disappear with major offshore wind development off the Mid Atlantic states.  FERC and state regulators need to stanch power company foolishness right now and halt the PATH project before another wasteful line is built.

The solution for PJM is simple.  Get started on Dominion’s plan to solve PJM’s problems without building PATH and focus on building the offshore backbone to permanently create energy independence for the Mid Atlantic states.

One of the investors in the project calls it “innovative and audacious”.  It is a sad commentary on how far behind the US has fallen in energy technology that this project is considered “audacious”.  In Denmark, it would be considered a normal part of the electrical system.