Allegheny Getting Smacked Around in East Virginia

Allegheny Energy’s PATH front company is having a very hard time getting its new application accepted in East Virginia. The legal staff of the VA SCC has presented a very good case that the new PATH application violates both the SCC’s order last January and East Virginia law. It appears the SCC staff is pushing hard for the SCC to consider alternatives beyond the PATH line, particularly alternatives proposed by Dominion Virginia Power.

StopPATHWV has a more detailed account here.

Think back a month ago to this situation at the WV PSC.  AEP/Allegheny told the WV PSC (and the PSC bought their claim) that everything was hunky dory in MD and VA and those PATH cases would be over by next September.  The PSC rejected intervenors’ objections to this rosy scenario and granted yet another power company delay in the WV case.

Here is a direct quote from my earlier post:

  1. AEP/Allegheny’s front company, PATH-Allegheny, withdrew its application in East Virginia last winter before the SCC hearing examiner could make any ruling or findings on the company’s application.  AEP/Allegheny had filed supplemental studies by PJM saying their PATH projections were wrong, but the power companies pulled their application to cut off critical analysis by VA SCC staff, intervenors or the hearing examiner.  So, there is no indication of whether the VA SCC would accept a PATH application on the same terms as they did last year.
  2. Even if the VA SCC accepted a new PATH application, it will likely be months from the time the application is filed until the SCC orders a new procedural schedule.

So, do you believe AEP/Allegheny’s claim that everything is right on schedule in East Virginia?  It is now mid-October, and Allegheny is still  trying desperately to have its East Virginia application accepted.