Power Companies Gunning for Sen. Unger in the Eastern Panhandle

Democratic WV Senator John Unger, who represents Jefferson County in the Legislature, is under attack.  Sen. Unger provided solid support for WV land owners by co-sponsoring SB614 last year that forced the WV PSC to require individual notice to land owners if their land would be threatened by a new high voltage transmission line.

Sen. Unger stood with us right down to the last minute as power company lobbyists tried to gut the bill.

Now Sen. Unger is fighting off a challenge from Republican Del. Craig Blair.  In the Hagerstown (MD) Herald-Mail, Unger reported that AEP/Allegheny are funding Blair’s campaign:

Unger said Blair’s contributions included $1,000 from American Electric Power’s (AEP) political action committees. AEP and Allegheny Power are backing the controversial Potomac Appalachian Transmission Highline (PATH) power line project.

Four days after Unger and state Sen. Herb Snyder introduced a property rights bill earlier this year in response to the PATH project, Blair received one of two $500 AEP donations, said Unger, who pointed to a copy of Blair’s finance report and the bill history for Senate Bill 614.

“And then I went to the lobbyist and I said what’s the deal with (the donation to Blair)? He said, ‘Sen. Unger, we’re going to send you a message, we’re going to defeat you’” Unger said.

If you live in the Eastern Panhandle, be sure to vote.  Sen. Unger needs your help.