Land Agent Talk

Land agents love to sweet talk land owners, because land owners have what the land men want.  It’s not so pretty when the land men have what they want — your signature on a piece of paper.

Here’s what happened to some West Virginians recently. Here’s another link to the story in the Charleston Gazette, although this link will disappear in a week.

Power company land agents come from the same companies that provide land men to the oil and gas industry.

If you don’t get good legal advice about your PATH right-of-way agreement, this will happen to you:

Range spokesman Matt Pitzarella said the company did nothing wrong. While landowners signed deals with company representatives, Pitzarella says the contracts required management approval and that never happened.

“All of our leases, upon signature, require management approval,” he said.

The lawsuit contends the landowners were told language to that effect was a “mere formality” by Range representatives known in the gas industry as “landmen.” The lawsuit further claims property owners turned down offers of $1,000 per acre and a 15 percent royalty from other producers because they thought they had a deal with Range.

Pitzarella denied that claim as well. Landowners were free to sign leases with other gas companies until their deals were final, he said.

Don’t be the victim of a “mere formality” and slick corporations who need your land.  Get a lawyer when power company land agents come to call.  The PATH land agent is not your friend.