SCC Ready to Go

Here is the link to today’s press release from the East Virginia SCC about two orders issued today.  The author’s cowering reference to NIETC illustrates how the SCC appears more interested in appeasing power companies than protecting East Virginia’s citizens.

I was initially disappointed to read that the SCC is proceeding with the case, despite the fact that Allegheny Energy did not follow the SCC’s January withdrawal order.

Then I read the order denying the SCC Staff’s earlier request to have the case delayed until February 2011.  While they decided to proceed with the case, the Commissioners fully embraced two important points that their staff attorneys raised:

Specifically, in direct testimony filed as part of the Application, PATH-VA includes a discussion of a project that has been proposed by Virginia Power – for evaluation in the RTEP process – “for reconductoring or rebuilding the Mt. Storm Doubs line.” Indeed, maps filed by PATH-VA contemporaneously with the Application contain a signed statement from Virginia Power that, although it is not opposed to construction of PATH in its service territory, its “non-opposition to such construction does not constitute a waiver of its ability to advocate for alternative projects.”  Having found that Virginia Power’s reconductoring or rebuilding project may be relevant to this proceeding, we direct the Hearing Examiner to ensure that the record is developed on such project.


… we find that additional information and analyses – which have yet to be prepared or provided by PATH-VA – of original routes (including routes that do not impact Virginia) may be relevant for purposes of this proceeding and our evaluation of the statutory requirements attendant thereto. Thus, the Hearing Examiner shall further determine the additional information and analyses that must be prepared and provided by PATH-VA in a timely manner.

Thus, both of the big issues, the Dominion alternative (referred to here as Virginia Power) and routing alternatives are to be analysed carefully by the Hearing Examiner.

There are links to both the scheduling order and the order denying the staff’s motion at the bottom of the press release.  Here is the direct link to the scheduling order.  Here is the direct link to the order denying the staff’s motion.