The Next Stage in Project Mountaineer

CAKES, the very successful citizens group that is fighting PATH and the Kemptown Substation in MD, has this great map on their Facebook page:

Here is the link to the CAKES Facebook page.

Note that all of the eastern Project Mountaineer extensions of PATH coming out of the Kemptown Substation  are planned by PJM to be 765 kV lines, just like PATH.  The three separate segments will connect PATH to Salem, NJ.

You can pick up the story at this link to my earlier post on the major transmission lines in NJ that connect Project Mountaineer to New Jersey and New York.  Keep in mind that transmission lines are not planned as “lines” so much as sections of circuits.  When you look at the NJ map, you see that the southern connection up from Salem will require even more transmission lines in NJ to link up with the northern connections including the Susquehanna-Roseland and Branchland-Hudson lines.

Now you have a picture of what will be connected to that extra 765 kV bay that will be built into the Kemptown Substation.  If you go to this link, look at the second PATH “fact”.

Note that the Kemptown to Peach Bottom will give BG&E (power company Baltimore Gas and Electric, owned by energy conglomerate Constellation Energy, partly owned by the French government) a chance to grab some of the FERC cost recovery gravy train.