PATH Marketing Plan Revealed by AEP Manager

AEP transmission manager Lisa Barton gave a presentation not too long ago to the Edison Electric Institute analyzing AEP’s 16 year struggle to get the truncated Jackson’s Ferry/Wyoming line built through southern WV and western East Virginia.  The EEI is the electrical power industry’s main lobbying organization, so Ms. Barton was speaking to friends.

Her presentation was titled Transmission Siting –How Should it work, and How Do We Succeed in Today’s World??.  I have no idea who taught Ms. Barton grammar and punctuation, but she should have learned what a sentence is and how to capitalize words in a title.  At least she figured out that this title needed two question marks, although she put one of them in the wrong place and used “, and” when she didn’t need it.

In any case, here is a link to her Power Point presentation.  If you want to see how AEP sees us real people, this is worth a look.  You will see, all in one place, the creaking power company propaganda that has been documented on The Power Line for the past two years.  You will even see a slide of The Map!

Ms. Barton’s discussion of the Jackson’s Ferry/Wyoming struggle is very enlightening for those of us who are fighting PATH.  It gives us a clear picture of who AEP and Allegheny are targeting in their marketing efforts and why they are using those messages.

And if you want play-by-play commentary on the whole Power Point, I suggest you go over to StopPATH WV and read the blog post along with Ms. Barton’s presentation.  Needless to say, StopPATH’s point of view is not shared by the EEI.