East Virginia Officials Have the Right Idea, But They Need Some Help

Dominion Virginia Power is beginning to talk to local citizens about rebuilding its Mt. Storm to Doubs, MD 500 kV transmission line.  Power company officials are holding a public meeting on the project in Loudoun County this week.

Last week, the Frederick County, VA Commissioners asked Dominion engineers why the rebuild can’t become Dominion’s original Alternative 1 to eliminate the need for the PATH line.  Here is a link to a recent news story on the Commission meeting.

While they have the right idea, the Frederick County Commissioners don’t seem to be very well informed about Dominion’s Alternative 1.  Citizens in East Virginia need to inform their public officials that Alternative 1 can eliminate PATH altogether, and includes the Mt. Storm-Doubs rebuild.

One of the County Commissioners seemed to be talking about putting PATH on the same right of way with the existing 500 kV line.  According to Dominion’s Alternative 1, there is no need to do that.  Rebuilding Mt. Storm to Doubs with the additional rebuilding of Pruntytown to Mt. Storm in WV and some additional reactive power/voltage regulation hardware and you have no need to build PATH at all — and for less than 1/3 the cost.

Once again, citizens are more informed than decision makers.  We need to change that.