Frederick County, MD Has Denied Substation Zoning Exception

Last night, the Frederick County, MD Board of Zoning Appeals denied a special zoning exception for the huge substation planned for the eastern end of PATH.

The stage is now set for a significant jurisdictional fight between the Frederick County Commission and the MD PSC, both of which claim ultimate authority for siting of the substation near Mt. Airy, which Allegheny Energy calls the Kemptown Substation.  Allegheny Energy has indicated they want the MD PSC in control, but, unless the Frederick County Commissioners back down, this baby is headed for court.

This is a serious setback for AEP/Allegheny in the PATH project.  This is a great example of local government leaders and citizens standing up to fight for their community.  Congratulations for everyone who worked so hard on this victory.

CAKES has the story on their Web site here.

And a brief report in the Frederick News Post.