PA Section of TrAIL Not Needed Anyway

The TrAIL line was supposed to extend 37 miles into PA.  Citizens in PA convinced the PA Utilities Commission that this section of the line was not needed.  On Friday, the PUC accepted the settlement that officially ended the TrAIL case in that state.  What was the result of the settlement, which required really fixing existing problems instead of just building a new line?  Here is the report from the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review:

By agreeing to the settlement, Allegheny Energy saved more than $200 million in the cost of upgrading its system in that region of Pennsylvania. The revised upgrades will cost $11.6 million, rather than $213 million as initially envisioned …

That’s $200 million that the rate payers in PJM Interconnection’s region will not have to pay.

Here is a link to the full article on the settlement.