WV Blackout on PATH Continues — Except for Power Company Ads That Mean Big Bucks for Media

Last Friday, attorneys at the WV PSC filed a motion to dismiss the PATH application at the PSC.  So far, no major media outlet in WV has picked up the story, except the Martinsburg Journal in a story long on power company denials and short on facts about the situation with PATH alternatives.  The Weston Democrat is the only other newspaper that regularly reports on PATH developments.  I believe they will be publishing a story on the motion to dismiss this week.

If you want to read about the PATH case in WV, you have to go as far as Loudoun County in East Virginia, where the Loudoun Times mentioned the motion to dismiss in a good story outlining the status of PATH in East Virginia.

Not much coverage of important developments in the PATH project, but I’ll bet WV media companies love to cash those big advertising checks.  I recently sent letters to the editor providing people with information about how they can find the facts about PATH, instead of the propaganda ads we see across the state.  One paper failed to print my letter, another edited out the three non-commercial citizen Web sites I recommended.  Only the Charleston Gazette printed my letter in full.  Money talks in WV.  Literally.

Update:  This morning, after I put up this post on the PATH media blackout in WV, the AP runs a story, six days late, about the PSC staff’s motion to dismiss.  Coincidence?  You decide.

Update 2:  The State Journal has another better-late-than-never story here in today’s edition.  Both the AP and the State Journal could take a tip from the Martinsburg Journal in their on line stories.  Guys, this is the Internet.  You can actually give your readers direct access to what you are writing about, as well as direct access to what both sides are saying about it, just by linking to the relevant documents and Web sites.  That is, if you are really interested in informing your readers, instead of monopolizing the “story” the way you did in the bygone days of print only media.