WV PSC Approves Dominion’s Mt. Storm to Doubs Rebuild Project

StopPATH WV had it first.  The WV PSC issued an order yesterday (only two days after the staff recommended approval!) giving the green light to Dominion Virginia Power (called VEPCO in the order) to begin rebuilding its Mt. Storm to Doubs 500 kV transmission line.  PJM’s PATH cheerleader Steve Herling says it can’t be done by 2015.  Dominion says it can.  Now we’ll see.

Here is what WV PSC staff attorney said about the impact of the Mt. Storm to Doubs rebuild in his motion to dismiss the PATH application:

It is quite probable the rebuild of the Mt. Storm-Doubs line, with its associated increase in transfer capacity, will push the need for the PATH line further out on the horizon, especially since most of the early thermal violations occur on the Mt. Storm-Doubs line.


As stated above, certain PJM approved upgrades [including the Mt. Storm to Doubs rebuild] to the transmission system have potentially moved all voltage violations out beyond 2019 and moved back the date of the earliest thermal violations.


Dominion Alternative 1 resolves all reactive violations and all of thermal violations but one before the year 2022. The
estimated cost for the entirety of Dominion Alternative 1 is $500-600 million as compared to over $2 billion for the PATH project.

In other words, Dominion’s Mt. Storm to Doubs rebuild will pull the rug out from under PJM’s PATH argument.