A Question for WV Media Outlets

Dominion Virginia Power’s Alternative 1 was submitted to the Transmission Expansion Advisory Committee of PJM Interconnection on June 9, 2010.  It appeared on the Internet on the PJM Web site a day or two later.  Here’s a link for all the reporters who missed it. The first Power Line post on Alternative 1 appeared July 6 titled “East Virginia’s Dominion Power Says PATH Not Needed.”

To date, including in recent stories about the WV PSC staff motion to dismiss, not a single media outlet in WV has provided a list of the elements of Alternative 1 or its cost.

This is a clearly viable alternative to PATH that has been proposed by one of the region’s largest power companies.  The alternative will take no new land for rights of way, requires far less regulatory approval than PATH and costs less than 1/3 the cost of PATH.  I just stated the basic outline of the comparison between PATH and Alternative 1 in a single sentence.  It ain’t hard to explain.

Why isn’t this news?  Why has this information been publicly available since June 2010, and no WV media outlet has reported it?

How many times in that same six month period were West Virginians subjected to weekly, if not daily, ads from PATH telling them that PATH was needed because things looked funny in the 1970s?

Tens of thousands of our state’s citizens pay for newspaper subscriptions and send money to public broadcasting stations.  Hundreds of businesses invest in advertising on all WV media outlets.  We deserve better for our money.