PATH EIS Process Stalled. It’s Eerie.

Here is the timeline for the PATH EIS process as it appears on the National Park Service Web site here:

Step 1. Public scoping meetings – July 2010 *
Step 2. Public meetings on range of Alternatives – Sept/Oct 2010
Step 3. DRAFT EIS and Public Meetings – Summer 2011
Step 4. Final EIS and Record of Decision(s) – Fall/winter 2012

Despite the fact that public meetings on alternatives were originally scheduled for Sept/Oct 2010, there is nothing on the NPS Web site about these meetings or the start of the alternatives process.

Just when lots of alternatives are now available, including one that involves no new rights of way through any federal lands, the EIS process has come to an eerie standstill.  (Allegheny Energy’s lawyers will know what I mean.)

It appears that the EIS process for PATH is now at least four months behind schedule, with no indication of when it may ever start up again.