NJ BPU – Clueless

The NJ Board of Public Utilities doesn’t seem to have a clue.  Check out this recent news story.

Less than a year after they approved construction of the Susquehanna-Roseland transmission line, the BPU is calling for the construction of new power plants in NJ.  Hello?  The S-R line’s primary purpose is to increase transmission capacity in that area, specifically to allow transfer of heavily subsidized coal and nuclear power into NJ from PA and WV.  The massive influx of this subsidized “cheap” power into NJ would undercut any new investment in NJ power plants, of any kind.

The BPU is calling for more “base load” coal-fired and nuclear power plants in the state.  Don’t hold your breaths.  New Jersey has one of the longest coast lines on the east coast, prime for new wind farms.  They already have a lot of natural gas power plant capacity.  As we know, the combination of gas and wind power has made the concept of “base load” generation obsolete .  Along with much of the rest of the US power industry, the NJ BPU is moving forward — into the past.