Allegheny Wants Us to Pay for Pittsburgh Snob Club

Keryn Newman has been finding out all the ways that Allegheny Energy is trying to stick us rate payers with bogus expenses using PATH’s FERC cost “recovery” process.

Here is the latest find at StopPATH WV.  The post is titled “Smithers, Release the Hounds,” and its hilarious, unless you pay an electric bill every month.  It’s hard to believe that Allegheny would subject itself to this kind of ridicule over trying to nickel and dime rate payers for $10.80.

Here’s a taste of Keryn’s rapier wit:

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.   Therefore, it’s time to have $10.80 worth of fun with Allegheny Energy’s membership in The Duquesne Club.

“Dues” related to this exclusive hobnob snob club showed up on Allegheny’s account detail under “Certain Civic & Political Activities”.  Allegheny’s claim regarding the portion of its corporate membership cost allocated to the PATH project states, “Dues related to the Duquesne Club allocated to all companies and PATH receives its share.”  A good friend of mine immediately asked me if the word “receive” has recently been re-defined.  “Receive” indicates something collected or given.  PATH isn’t “receiving” its share of a company cost allocation, it’s paying its share, which is the acting of giving.  And whose wallet does PATH’s giving come from?  Yours!  Gotta love PATH’s spin doctors, they take double entendre to new heights every day!

And –

Imagining all the hoity-toity, la-di-da pretense going on at The Duquesne Club is like the parody that writes itself and brings to mind the similar pretense I’ve observed during Allegheny Energy’s Earnings Calls, and this inevitably leads to our friends, Burns and Smithers.  Allegheny CEO Paul Evanson (aka Charles Montgomery Burns) and CFO Kirk Oliver (aka Waylon Smithers) are probably quite at home here at The Duquesne Club, and in a remarkable display of life imitating art, the resemblance is uncanny.

Check it out.  The post is great, and the comments are starting to roll in, including one that simply says “Woof!”