Judy Bonds Is Gone

Ken Ward has a post this morning on the death of Judy Bonds.

Judy was a great West Virginian and a great American.  She has inspired and led the fight against the coal industry’s rape of West Virginia and the Appalachian mountains.  She stood up against Massey thugs and faced down state troopers.

If you don’t know who Judy was, just watch the 10 minute video, that Ken included in his Coal Tattoo post, of a talk she gave at the 2008 Appalachian Studies conference.  Judy was the best we had.

Ken includes a quote from Judy on his post that resonates with all of us fighting to stop the PATH power line.  In her acceptance speech for the Goldman prize, Judy said:

When powerful people pursue profits at the expense of human rights and our environment, they have failed as leaders. Responsible citizens must step forward, not just to point the way, but to lead the way to a better world.

Here’s another quote from Judy that was cited in a statement by her co-workers at Coal River Mountain Watch:

Fight harder.