A Word to the WV PSC

Today’s order contained the following statement by the WV PSC:

This case is as ponderous, troublesome, and all encompassing to the Commission as it is to the parties, and it becomes no less so as each request to alter, supplement, amend, or otherwise address the record or otherwise extend or modify the existing procedural schedule, is filed. The Commission is concerned by the sheer number of intervenors, the size and manageability of the record, and the likely increase in the complexity of the record by the addition of a different or modified 20 10 PJM Load Forecast Report and additional testimony to address that Load Forecast Report or to attempt to address every other alternative to the PATH Project.

A note to the Commissioners, we intervenors are NOT your problem in this case.  Intervenors in this case have acted throughout in an orderly and considerate manner.  We have complied with every direction provided by the Commission.

While we are paying every penny of AEP/Allegheny’s legal costs in this case, as well as the Commissioners’ own salaries, every intervenor in this case is paying his or her own way.

Your problem is that PJM Interconnection and AEP/Allegheny applied for a half-baked project that can no longer be justified by a PJM planning process that was flawed from the gitgo.  You could have dealt with that problem today, but you chose not to.

Now, you bear responsibility for your own problems.  You have the power to end this farce.  You made the decision not to.  That is your responsibility, not ours.