No Delay in East Virginia PATH Case

East VA Hearing Examiner Alexander Skirpan has just ruled that the SCC PATH case will proceed as scheduled.  Mr. Skirpan has denied AEP/Allegheny’s motion for delay.  Here is a link to the ruling.

Looks like it’s showtime for AEP/Allegheny and PJM in East Virginia.  We will see PATH go head to head with Dominion’s Alternative 1 for the first time.  So much for “aligning this case in all three states” — again.

This makes the WV PSC’s failed decision to delay the PATH case in WV look even worse.


Remember this paragraph from the VA SCC’s October 20, 2010 order?

Similarly, based on initial information included in the Application (which is also discussed in the Motion), we find that Virginia Power’s proposal to reconductor or rebuild an existing transmission line may be relevant for purposes of this proceeding and our evaluation of the statutory requirements attendant thereto. 12 Specifically, in direct testimony filed as part of the Application, PATH-VA includes a discussion of a project that has been proposed by Virginia Power – for evaluation in the RTEP process – “for reconductoring or rebuilding the Mt. Storm-Doubs line.” 13 Indeed, maps filed by PATH-VA contemporaneously with the Application contain a signed statement from Virginia Power that, although it is not opposed to construction of PATH in its service territory, its “non-opposition to such construction does not constitute a waiver of its ability to advocate for alternative projects .” 14 Having found that Virginia Power’s reconductoring or rebuilding project may be relevant to this proceeding, we direct the Hearing Examiner to ensure that the record is developed on such project. [emphasis added]


Update 2: Keryn Newman over at StopPATH WV provides us with the details of the SCC decision, as well has her usual insightful observations, especially about AEP/Allegheny’s hollow threats to run to FERC to force PATH down our throats.