AEP/Allegheny Don’t Want Frederick County, MD Meeting After All

The PATH power companies are running away.  Last month, Allegheny’s Baltimore lawyer sent the Frederick County Planning Commission a nasty letter complaining that he hadn’t received notice of the Planning Commission’s hearings last fall to determine the fate of the so-called Kemptown substation at the eastern end of PATH.  The Planning Commission very graciously invited Allegheny’s lawyers to come to their meeting on January 19 to meet with the Commission and answer questions from the public.  If you remember the Planning Commission’s fall hearings, more than 200 Frederick County citizens showed up.

Now, it looks like the crybaby lawyers don’t want to talk to Frederick County citizens after all.  I will now turn this blog post over to Keryn Newman in the form of her post on StopPATH WV.  Her account, which includes links to the original documents, is far more entertaining and complete than anything else I could write here —

After complaining that no one invited them to the party, PATH has now decided that they don’t want to party with Frederick County afterall.  The previously scheduled PATH transmission line Planning Commission hearing on January 19 has been canceled.

Today’s news is that PATH has requested their placement on the Planning Commission’s Agenda be “postponed” until some unknown future date.

I suspected that they weren’t really looking forward to being questioned, laughed at and disparaged by the citizens of Frederick County again, but you’d think they could at least be man enough to admit that they don’t really want a “do-over” afterall.  Leave it to PATH to run away screaming like a little girl with a bee in her knickers.  Eerie!

We know all about PATH and “postponed.”  As we often say here on The Power Line: you couldn’t make this stuff up.  PATHetic.