Where Are AEP/Allegheny’s “Reliable Power” Guys Now?

Last year about this time, there was a flurry of activity, in MD, WV and East VA, by a group called the Coalition for Reliable Power, er Energy (or whatever).  Each state had its own “coalition” which proclaimed itself a group of business people who only wanted a reliable transmission system in their state.

Now we know that these three “coalitions” were all the work of marketing firm Charles Ryan Associates and related sub-contractors paid entirely by AEP and Allegheny from their PATH front companies.  In WV, the “coalition” held invitation only or pre-registration required closed events where they touted the need for — guess what? — PATH!  All the while, “coalition” mouthpieces claimed to the press that they were completely independent groups of business and union leaders.

So now we have a clear alternative to PATH that does a much better job of solving PJM’s claimed reliability issues, Dominion’s proposal to rebuild Pruntytown to Mt. Storm and Mt. Storm to Doubs 500 kV transmission lines.  This project would cost West Virginia businesses 1/3 the cost of PATH and would quite likely create many more local West Virginia jobs than PATH would.  The most important point about Dominion’s plan is that it could be built much more quickly than PATH bringing our state “reliability” years sooner.

So will we see more of West Virginians for Reliable Power, er Energy, holding events this year urging politicians and the WV PSC to drop PATH and approve the rest of Dominion’s rebuild proposal?  Will the “Coalition” be pushing for the PSC to require Allegheny Energy to rebuild their Pruntytown to Mt. Storm line to bring our state more reliable power?

My bet?  We won’t hear a peep out of these so-called “coalitions” about Dominion’s Alternative 1 this year.

If they do raise their heads this year, attend one of their events and ask they why they aren’t supporting the rebuilding of Pruntytown to Mt. Storm.  The dance they do should be entertaining.