PATH Opens the Door, Scammers Rush In

Landowners threatened by PATH are receiving letters from companies known variously as Ardent360 and Ten Stone LLC and people called Rob Dickinson, Mark Krom or Bob Weatherwax.  The letters insist that PATH will be built and that their company can help land owners “get more money” in right of way negotiations with AEP/Allegheny.  Of course, none of this is true, but when people are uncertain and afraid, scam artists pop up to prey on their anxieties.

Meanwhile, AEP/Allegheny continue to delay the PATH case at the WV PSC, and the PSC cooperates by agreeing to more delays.  The more time passes, the more scammers will harass innocent land owners.  The WV PSC could have brought the entire PATH mess to a halt, but they chose not to.

Read this letter that Ardent360 actually sent to a Jefferson County property owner.

Don’t be scammed.  If any of these characters approaches you personally or by mail, consult an attorney and/or contact the WV Attorney General’s office hotline at 1-800-368-8808 to report these attempts to cheat you.

There is more information at StopPATH WV.