The emergence of Ardent Ventures and Ardent360 comes at an interesting point in the PATH process.

AEP/Allegheny are struggling in regulatory processes.  Land owners are resisting their land agents offers and their horrendous right of way agreements.

The WV PSC just ruled in its most recent order that intervenors can no longer use the PSC discovery process to get information from AEP/Allegheny about any topics that are not directly concerned with need for PATH.

Is it a coincidence that Ardent enters the picture right after the WV PSC has prevented anyone from asking AEP/Allegheny if there is any direct or indirect connection between Ardent and AEP/Allegheny or their PATH front companies?  Is it a coincidence that Ardent’s sales team is using exactly the arguments that AEP/Allegheny use in their propaganda?

I don’t know the answers to any of these questions.  I probably never will, because the WV PSC has just ruled that AEP/Allegheny can’t be compelled to answer them.

But I can’t help asking.  Is this all just coincidence?