FirstEnergy Executives at WV Capitol

Well, two days after the WV Supreme Court decided that there must be an election for a new governor before Nov. 15, 2011, FirstEnergy executives showed up at the WV State Capitol to talk with Legislative leaders.  Two of those leaders, Sen. Jeff Kessler and Del. Rick Thompson will probably be candidates for governor in the fall.  Of course, the other candidate, and current acting governor, is also a Legislative leader, Sen. Earl Ray Tomblin.  Another candidate, WV State Treasurer John Perdue, also has an office in the Capitol.

Do you think the guys and gals from FirstEnergy brought their checkbooks with them?  Do you think they talked about PATH?  FirstEnergy hasn’t even gotten their “merger” (translated: swallowing of) Allegheny finally approved yet, and here they are on our doorstep.  They want in on the ground floor with the next governor.

PATH will certainly be a big issue for FirstEnergy in the Governor’s race this summer and fall.  It will also be a big issue for the rest of us.  Especially now that Dominion’s Alternative 1 makes PATH completely unnecessary.

All politicians need money to get elected.  But they also need our votes to get elected.