West Virginians Taking AEP/Allegheny to FERC

West Virginians Ali Haverty and Keryn Newman have had enough from AEP and Allegheny Energy.  The companies failed to respond to their initial report that AEP/Allegheny are claiming over $3.3 million in illegitimate costs for the PATH project.  These costs would be have been “recovered” from rate payers in all PJM utilities, including those in West Virginia, and Keryn and Ali are fighting to get them back from the power companies.

Under the process set up by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, Ali and Keryn today filed their official challenge to AEP/Allegheny’s attempt picking of our pockets.  Their filing with FERC officially opens a formal FERC case against AEP and Allegheny.  Stay tuned for lots more action.

Here is a link to the formal challenge filed today.  Be warned, it is a huge 11MB file, with lots of juicy stuff.  If you want to see what is wrong with FERC’s new transmission line financing system, this is a good place to find out.