Core Drilling Starting Up in Calhoun

I have received reports from my neighbors that a PATH contractor has started core drilling on some of the few land owners who have been foolish enough to give them permission to survey, which includes drilling.  One survey crew staked out drill sites on the wrong property by mistake and faced an angry land owner defending his property.

I have also heard that this same contractor is afraid to tell my neighbors who he works for and what he is doing.  The contractor’s employees have implied they were doing some kind of exploration work for oil and gas, when they are drilling their holes right where the PATH surveyors marked them along the proposed route of the PATH line.

You would think these PATH dudes would have learned by now that we aren’t the chumps they think we are.

This outfit is spending a lot of time moving their rig around, because so few land owners in Calhoun have given them permission to come on their land.

We will post more specifics as the situation develops.