PSC Chairman Says One Thing, Does Another

Last Friday, WV PSC Chairman Michael Albert appeared before the WV House Finance Committee to present his budget.  Del. John Doyle from Jefferson County questioned Mr. Albert about the PSC’s decision to delay the PATH case for a fourth time.

Mr. Albert responded with a non sequitur:

Chairman Albert says the case needs to be resolved, not dismissed and then likely refiled.

“Rather than attempting to decide it on the basis on what’s before us now, we’d like to see a fully and completely developed record,” Albert told Doyle and the committee.

Ah, but that is not what the PSC did.  Instead of “resolving” the case using a “fully and completely developed record” the PSC delayed the case for more than six months.  When the PSC made its delay decision, there was nothing missing from the PATH case.  If the Commissioners wanted a “full” record, they could have ordered AEP/Allegheny(FirstEnergy) to provide a complete analysis including Alternative One, but THEY DIDN’T.

The East VA SCC has proceeded quickly with their case and have managed to include all of PJM’s downward demand projections AND ordered AEP/Allegheny(FirstEnergy) to include Alternative One and the Liberty alternative in their analysis.  The East Virginia case is proceeding as scheduled, with a delay measured in weeks, not six months.

Mr. Albert’s response to Del. Doyle made about as much sense as the PSC’s recent order.  Here is a link to the MetroNews story.  Note the inaccurate headline which claims that Mr. Albert “explained” the PSC’s decision.

Let’s hope that Del. Doyle keeps the heat on the PSC for wasting the time and money of WV citizens.  Let’s also hope that other WV legislators step up and offer Chairman Albert some more useful guidance on Alternative One.