Federal Officials Finally Discover Offshore Wind

Here is a blog post from Matthew Wald at the NYT today.  In the process of describing the first major steps by the US Dept. of Interior to stop fighting offshore wind development, Wald states:

About 78 percent of the nation’s electricity demand lies in 28 coastal states, said Energy Secretary Steven Chu, who appeared in Norfolk, Va., with Ken Salazar, the interior secretary. Virginia has 94 gigawatts of capacity, for example, and if a tenth of that could be captured, it would meet the needs of three million homes, he said. Big parts of the Atlantic coast, with relatively shallow depths and a strong market onshore, are considered prime spots.

Gee whiz. Whatta ya know?  Instead of playing up to the Kennedys and the Koch brothers, the way the Cheney White House did by blocking Cape Wind, the Dept. of the Interior has identified offshore areas that will be made available for wind farm development.  There is a great map on Wald’s post.

We’ll see if Mr. Wald continues to push PATH.  PATH and offshore wind power, especially in the massive quantities that will be produced, are completely incompatible.  PATH will be a total waste of money if East Coast states can produce all of their own power.