Flash: Charles Ryan Associates’ Secret Revealed

Here are a couple of comments from StopPATH WV’s most recent revelations:

Thu, 10 Feb 2011 2:33:28 pm

I noticed that PATH has removed that link from their “Issues” page.

Thu, 10 Feb 2011 4:45:51 pm

Charles Ryan removed the link on Monday when they clicked through and found a new, citizen-owned coalition at the end of the link.

They didn’t tell PATH what they found. If they had, PATH might suspect that CRA wasn’t doing what they were being paid to do… website maintenance.

Proper maintenance doesn’t leave dead or uncontrolled links hanging for 6 months.

Here is what you won’t see on the PATH Web site any more:

Note the Coalition for Reliable Power link.  As the comments above describe, Charles Ryan Associates, hired by AEP/Allegheny(FirstEnergy) to do their PATH propaganda work, created all of the fake Web sites for their front groups, the various “Coalitions for Reliable Power” in MD, WV and East Virginia.  But Charles Ryan Associates, paid hundreds of thousands of your money through the PATH cost recovery system, couldn’t be bothered to properly register the Coalition for Reliable Power as a legal organization in West Virginia, or to maintain registration on the domain names for the fake Web sites.

The result of AEP/Allegheny(FirstEnergy)’s wasting your money on Charles Ryan Associates’ incompetence?  Voila! Because there are people in West Virginia who know how to register a voluntary association with the Secretary of State’s Office and who know how to keep a domain name current, PATH’s Coalition for Reliable Power link went to a new Web site — for over a week.

Someone at Charles Ryan Associates discovered it and removed the link from the PATH Web site.  You won’t find it there now.

Wouldn’t you have liked to have seen the AEP/Allegheny(FirstEnergy) executives’ faces when they found out that Charles Ryan Associates had goofed so badly?

We will soon be linking to the new Coalition for Reliable Power site, because we are all focused on how we can get started on Alternative One and building a real reliable electrical system in our state.

And guess what?  There is still another secret that Charles Ryan Associates hasn’t told AEP/Allegheny(FirstEnergy).