West Virginians Run Ardent 360 Out of State

Quick response, an informed public and responsible law enforcement have convinced Ardent 360 “to disengage from this potential business opportunity,” as Ardent President Bob Weatherwax wrote to the WV Attorney General’s office.  Here is a link to his letter in response to the Attorney General’s investigation.

We all owe a debt of gratitude to the Jefferson County land owner who took prompt action against this scam.  This is a great example of how land owners can protect themselves from abuse by out of state corporations like Ardent, as well as the AEP/Allegheny(FirstEnergy) PATH front companies.  Thanks also to the quick response by the WV Attorney General’s Office.

If you live in MD or East Virginia and have been contacted by the Ardent dudes, West Virginians have shown you what to do.  Stand up and defend yourselves and your families by calling your own law enforcement agencies, probably, in the case of scams, your attorneys general.