Is the House Rules Committee Keeping Legislators from Voicing Support for Alternative One?

Two weeks ago, 20 Delegates introduced House Concurrent Resolution 58, which urges the WV PSC to move forward with implementing Dominion Virginia Power’s Alternative One which is less than 1/3 the cost of PATH, involves no new land seizures for rights of way and can be approved much more quickly than PATH while resolving almost all claimed transmission “problems” in our state.

After being introduced, HCR 58 was sent to the House Rules Committee.  All the Rules Committee has to do is vote the resolution out of committee and it can be voted on by the entire House.

We know that AEP/Allegheny FirstEnergy lobbyists have been busy spreading false information about both Alternative One and HCR 58.  It seems they are having some impact on the House Rules Committee.

House Speaker Rick Thompson, who is also running for governor, is the Chairman of the House Rules Committee.  It is up to Speaker Thompson to get HCR 58 on the Rules Committee agenda so it can be voted out to a floor vote.

Here is Speaker Thompson’s contact information:


Phone:  (304) 340-3210

Email and phone Speaker Thompson and let him know that you believe West Virginians deserve a democratic vote by the entire House on HCR 58.