Allegheny Becomes FirstEnergy

Well, it happened.  Here’s the story.

FirstEnergy’s swallowing of Allegheny Energy has been completed with the approval by the PA PUC.  The two companies have closed the merger.

FirstEnergy is pulling out of Frederick, MD where the old MD headquarters was located.  Here’s what happened in WV:

West Virginia regional headquarters will be located in the newly constructed transmission operations center in Fairmont.  This facility was designed to accommodate additional functions, is conveniently located near other company facilities including the Fairmont Call Center, and has updated information technology infrastructure.

Update:  A trusted source has informed me that my earlier characterization of the new Fairmont center was incorrect, and I stand corrected.  The original agreement in the TrAIL case was that Allegheny would move jobs from PA to WV to fill the new building.  The building was always designed to have multiple uses.  To some extent, that has happened.  It remains to be seen if the original promises about the numbers of jobs are or will be fulfilled.  The WV PSC has required FirstEnergy to maintain WV staffing levels for at least two years after the merger was finalized.  That clock has started running.

We’ll see what the Fairmont center looks like in five years.

Please also note that from now on, I will be referring to the power companies that control the PATH project as AEP/FirstEnergy.