WV PSC Issues Order Dismissing PATH Application — Much Too Quickly

Why am I never satisfied with any action the WV PSC takes in the PATH case?  Why does every Commission decision appear to be exactly what the power companies want, and nothing more?

Here is the link to their final order issued today dismissing the case.

Note that the case was dismissed without prejudice, which in legal terms means that the PSC would allow a future application for the same project.

The one thing that was missing from this order is any reference to the information that the East Virginia SCC Hearing Examiner, Alexander Skirpan, ordered AEP/FirstEnergy (and PJM) to produce on March 15.  Why did the WV PSC not require AEP/FirstEnergy to submit this report for the WV case file?

PJM President Terry Boston referred directly to Mr. Skirpan’s requirement in the PJM statement about their dropping PATH from the 2011 RTEP.  The report, the March 15 deadline and PJM’s inability to prop up PATH against Dominion’s Alternative One are what drove PJM to scream “Uncle.”  Why was the WV PSC rushing to dismiss the case before this information came to light?

All media outlets that have reported the death of PATH have ignored this vital fact that lies at the heart of our victory.  Every single story I have read has simply quoted PJM’s propaganda about “the economic downturn” and falling demand.  The fact is that the simple rebuild projects of the Pruntytown-Mt. Storm and Mt. Storm-Doubs circuits have always been the much more “robust” (to use Steve Herling’s favorite word) solution to PJM’s supposed NERC violations.

So why did the WV PSC Commissioners pull the plug on the PATH case, just when we were going to see a real comparison between PATH and Alternative One?  Could it be that the WV Commissioners are much more interested in covering up PJM’s outrageous PATH debacle than serving the best interests of West Virginia’s electrical consumers and citizens?

Let us hope that the East Virginia SCC keeps their case open until Mr. Skirpan can conduct a full review of the power companies’ March 15 report.  The citizens of MD, WV and East Virginia deserve a thorough, and untainted, comparison between PATH and Alternative One.  The PATH case will not be closed until that happens, no matter what the states’ utilities commissions decide.