AEP/FE Jabs Thumb in FERC’s Eye

Randy and Monique (as they are known over at StopPATH WV) sent FERC a letter today.  The letter informed FERC that although there is no more PATH project, AEP/FE expect to keep on collecting their money from PJM’s rate payers — you and me.

Here’s how Randy and Monique put it:

Importantly, the PJM Board has not directed the sponsoring transmission owners to cancel or abandon the PATH Project,2 and some non-development activities and non-capital cost expenditures will necessarily continue in order to maintain the Project in its current state during this period of suspension.  Thus, the PATH Formula Rate and Protocols will continue to apply during the Project’s suspension, and while the PTRR is subject to true-up to the actual revenue requirement under the PATH Protocols, PATH LLC will endeavor to determine as soon as practical whether the 2011 PTRR should be revised to reflect PATH LLC’s current estimate ofthe revenue requirement for the PATH Project for calendar year 2011. [emphasis added]

“[W]ill continue to apply?”  Says who?  Isn’t that up to FERC?  Here FERC, here’s a thumb in your eye.

So what is FERC going to do?  This is a project without an eastern end point, without a start date and with no state regulatory process even started.

And FERC is going to let them continue to steal our money?