Things Heating Up in TrAIL Complaint Case

A little hardball going on at the WV PSC in the TrAIL Complaint case.

The WV PSC has refused to provide the complainants with the notes and pictures PSC engineer James Ellars took on his viewing of the devastation left by Allegheny’s contractors in northern WV last year.  It’s FOIA time.

If you want to see what is going on with this case, go to the WV PSC Web site and sign up to get email notification of filings in case no. 09-1758-E-C, case name: Donna Printz, Thomas Hildebrand and Kathy Hildebrand, John Coleman, and Paula Stahl v. Trans-Allegheny Interstate Line Company.

If you miss that little adrenaline buzz every time you saw a PSC PATH email in your Inbox, check out the TrAIL complaint case.  Remember, the hearing is coming up on March 28 and 29.  Now that the PATH presentation at the Expo is canceled, you are free at the end of March.