Important Information for MAPP Activists

A recent op-ed piece in the Baltimore Sun appeared to be pushing the construction of the MAPP line on the Eastern Shore of MD.  Political pressure is building in MD to build this unnecessary line, before extensive planning has been done about the impacts of new offshore wind power development on MD’s transmission system.

Dan Ervin of ShoreENERGY wrote the piece.  Ervin is a member of Marylanders for Reliable Power, the clown college front group for power companies in MD.

Mr. Ervin is being paid by PJM ratepayers through the FERC cost recovery process to pump out propaganda for power lines.

Keryn Newman has posted important links in her story here that make the connections between Mr. Ervin and money collected from rate payers in the PATH project.

If you are fighting the MAPP project, it is very important for you to read Keryn’s post so you can learn about the FERC/power company pocket picking scheme.