PSC Commissioners Must Now Attend Public Hearings – Probably

I just saw an article today in the Charleston Daily Mail (I no longer link to Charleston Newspapers stories, because their links die so quickly.) concerning a bill that was vetoed by Senate President acting as governor Thompson today.  The bill, HB2663, requires WV PSC Commissioners to attend all hearings in any cases in which they are finders of fact, including what are called “public protest” hearings.  This is another small step forward in creating more open and responsive government in WV.

The Daily Mail article stated that Tomblin’s veto was the result of some technical flaws in the bill which can be remedied by the Legislature in its current extended session.  Let’s hope the Legislature fixes the bill so it can become law.

Citizen action forced all the PSC Commissioners to attend all public hearings in the PATH case, but they were not required by law to do so.  Thank you to Delegates Moye, Campbell, Manchin, Shaver, Stephens, Barker, Poling and Doyle for sponsoring this bill.