Coalition for Reliable Power

Regular readers of The Power Line will remember this post about how citizens working to stop the PATH project got the domain name for a site formerly used by AEP/FirstEnergy as a propaganda front.  The site was used by the power company front groups collectively known as the Coalition for Reliable Power.  Well, we got that name too, because the clown college interns at Charles Ryan Associates, the power company PR firm, never registered the name with the WV Secretary of State.

Now that PATH is dead, we have time to start considering really good ideas that promote real reliability for West Virginia’s electrical power system.  We are moving that discussion to our new site, the real Coalition for Reliable Power, which we hope to use to promote the kind of innovation and ideas we need to move beyond obsolete generation and transmission systems promoted by AEP and FirstEnergy.  The crisis at the Daiichi plant in Japan is just one more reminder that the old ways doing things just won’t work in the 21st century.

So come on over to the Coalition for Reliable Power site.  We are going to open the C4RP site to comments for anyone with reliable information and innovative ideas.