FirstEnergy Case in March 17 SCC Hearing

Here is a link to the transcript of the opening statement of Mr. Gary, FirstEnergy’s lawyer, at the March 17 hearing before the East Virginia SCC.

Here’s Mr. Gary’s summary of his discussion of PJM’s Slide 6 shown in my earlier post here:

So, as you can see, the base case alone moves out the thermal violations into the next decade. And when the two fairly certain sensitivities that were considered by PJM, the Mt. Storm-Doubs rebuild and the construction of the Warren County facility, the thermal violations virtually disappear from the planning horizon.

Here is Mr. Gary’s description of the Mt. Storm to Doubs rebuild’s impact on thermal violations:

When the upgrade is completed, the Mt. Storm-Doubs line, the first two lines on this slide, the carrying capacity of that line will be increased about 66 percent.  And so, that will move out the thermal violations shown in the base case well into the decade of the 2020’s.

Once the Mt. Storm to Doubs violations are eliminated, what’s next?  You guessed it –

The Pruntytown-Mt. Storm is the next closest violation, and even in the base case does not occur until 2024.

This is all from FirstEnergy’s attorney.  His opening statement practically invites the WV PSC to follow the Legislature’s urging in HCR 149 and order FirstEnergy to rebuild Pruntytown to Mt. Storm.